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Best Teacher Gifts for Christmas

Teachers work hard! From comforting children when they’re upset to instilling life lessons, teachers do it all. This Christmas, consider stuffing your teacher’s stocking with some helpful and much-appreciated gifts from the list below. Of course, teachers also love getting money or gift cards, so we’ve included some creative ways to gift these as well.

However, it’s important to remember that if you are not able to financially contribute, teachers love getting handmade cards from students and parents. Anything your child gifts their teacher is sure to brighten up their holiday!

  1. Specialty coffee – Where would teachers be without their coffee? Find out their favorite way to drink coffee (ground vs. K-cups) and create a custom gift to stock them up for the year. You could put together a gift basket with K-cups and a travel mug or get them a subscription for monthly coffee samples from local roasters. Or a special blend from a local coffee shop.
  2. Dress up their classroom – Many teachers end up using their own funds to help decorate their classroom. Brighten up the room with some fun accessories on their wish list. Ask what items they would love to have or consider gifts like an easy-to-maintain plant or personalized pencils.
  3. Tote bag – Teachers have a lot to carry! Consider purchasing a custom tote bag with their name or a pretty design.
  4. Charging station – Teachers often get to school early in the morning and stay late in the evening. They spend most of their day in their classroom, and don’t always have time to charge up their phones and devices. Consider a portable charging device that they can keep in their work bag.
  5. Treat basket – Who doesn’t love yummy treats at Christmas time? You can fill your teacher’s stocking with gourmet chocolate or goodies from a local shop.
  6. Bento box or lunch box – Many teachers bring their lunch to school, and there are so many fun styles of lunchboxes these days. You can also find cute carrying bags for lunchboxes that can help keep the contents cold or hot for long periods of time.
  7. Custom sticky notes – Teachers have to take a lot of notes, and sometimes post-its get a little boring. Spruce things up by creating a custom sticky note set for your child’s teacher or purchasing a pack of fun and colorful notes.
  8. Markers – Teachers love markers, it doesn’t matter if they’re Sharpies or Flair Pens! A colorful set of markers makes a merry and bright gift, or you can arrange a few sets with a sweet treat in a festive basket.
  9. Pamper their pet – If you know your teacher has a loving pet at home, consider showering them with gifts instead. You might consider a basket of toys or treats from a local pet supply store.
  10. Homemade ornament – Most teachers love receiving homemade gifts from their students. An ornament is something they can use year after year to remind them of your child.

While all of the above gifts are thoughtful and will be very appreciated, most teachers love to get gifts of money. A simple envelope with a note and cash is always going to be appreciated, but if you’d prefer to give a little present as well, consider these cute ideas for gift cards and money.

  1. Hot chocolate set – Find a cute Christmas mug and fill it with a packet of hot cocoa powder, a candy cane, and cash. Tie with a ribbon and you’ve got a great gift for any teacher!
  2. Movie night set – Consider treating your teacher to a movie night by gifting them a big box of candy with a gift card to the movie theater attached.
  3. Spa day gift card – If you want to really pamper your teacher, giving them a gift card for a spa day can be the perfect Christmas present. Consider wrapping it up with a bath bomb or other bath-related item.
  4. Mason jar of candy and cash – A cute way to dress up a gift card or cash is to place it in a mason jar and fill with small treats like Hershey kisses. Tie with a cute ribbon and you’ve got a very festive little gift.
  5. Massage – Teachers are on their feet all day long, and they often don’t have time to pamper themselves. Encourage them to treat themselves with a gift card for a massage or spa day. You could wrap it up with a face mask or sleep mask.
  6. Lunch – Find out your teacher’s favorite restaurant and bring them lunch before the holiday break! Reach out in advance to ask a good day and find out what they would like from the menu. Include a gift card (or cash) and holiday card to show your appreciation.
  7. Wallet – This simple idea is always a hit – pick up a cute wallet or wristlet and enclose cash or a gift card!
  8. Books – Teachers love to read! Give a gift card to a local bookstore and a special bookmark made by your child.
  9. List of thanks – Ask your child to write some reasons why they are grateful for their teacher (or write them down for younger kids). Include cash or a gift card with their list for a meaningful gift!
  10. Flowers – Gift your teacher a festival flower arrangement and holiday card with cash or a gift card enclosed!

Teachers deserve the world, so make their holidays even brighter this year with some of these creative and meaningful gifts. Ask your room parent if they have a list of your teacher’s favorite items: maybe restaurants, flowers, or wine. But remember that the most memorable gifts are ones that come from the heart, so your teacher will also love a homemade memento or hand-written note from your child.

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