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Volunteers are vital to the functions of many organizations. Make it easy for volunteers to sign up by leveraging the power of technology. Admins can launch volunteer opportunities and use our time saving tools to manage tasks from start to finish and everything in between. Engage, encourage, thank, and remind those kind souls who sign up to volunteer again and again. 


Make It Easier To Do Good

Unlimited Signups— with Lots of Options

  • Create as many signups as you need. Decide how volunteer slots present: list format, calendar format, or days and times for shifts.
  • Choose who sees the signup—everyone in your database or just one group.
  • Volunteers subscribing to the “signups calendar,” will see their signup commitments on their personal calendar so they’ll be sure to remember!
Volunteer Signup

Send Reminders and Thank Yous Automatically

  • This feature will save you tons of time! When a volunteer signs up, they can automatically receive an email confirming their volunteer selections.
  • Send reminders automatically one or more days before their shift– using “tickler” emails— with directions on where to go and what to do when they arrive. After the shift, automatically send a thank you note. Easy!

Identify New Volunteers

  • Increase the likelihood volunteers will sign up by presenting opportunities they are passionate about! Create a “Volunteer Interest” form listing all the areas you will need volunteers and allow them to pick their areas of interest.
  • Admins can reach out to one or all contacts who expressed interest In a matter of seconds.
Volunteer Recruiting

Integrated with SignUpGenius

  • Used to using SignUpGenius? Forms can be linked to your Membership Toolkit site, keeping all volunteer signups in one place.

Try Before You Subscribe

Volunteer Superpowers

Track Volunteer Hours

  • Volunteers can track their own hours or admins can add the hours for them.
  • Volunteers can see the number of hours they have volunteered for and admins can keep track of all the volunteer hours with our report features.

Volunteer Kiosks at Events

  • Check-in and check-out volunteers at events or track meeting attendance.
  • Easily set up different kiosks at different events. With the volunteer kiosk integrated with your contact database and volunteer forms, you can clearly see who has fulfilled their commitment.  It makes tracking volunteer hours a cinch.  
  • This is included in select plans so be sure to ask us about it!
Volunteer Kiosk

"I've been referred"

"I have a referral"