Integrated Accounting Tools

Our accounting system works seamlessly with your online store and forms. Set budgets, track funds, run reports, and know at a glance who owes you money and where it’s going.

Membership Toolkit Accounting

Simple to Use & Easy to Learn

Chart of Accounts

  • Set up your chart of accounts so that it represents your organization; only have the line items you use and add more when you need to.
  • Online sales and orders are automatically entered into the appropriate account.


  • Define your budget at the beginning of the year and then easily track how your spending lines up to your budget as the year progresses.
  • Create reports with a click of a button to share your budget vs actuals with your members to clearly show where your money is being spent.
accounting budget

Offline Income and Expenses

  • Pay vendors and track the expense at the same time! Our system allows you to print checks so that once you the information is entered,  you will have the check for your vendor.
  • Payments received offline, either from business supports or offline sales, can be tracked and applied to the appropriate ledger line.

Monthly Reconciliation

  • No longer dread reconciling the books! Our tool makes it easy to reconcile all of your transactions; the system will even tell you when you do it correctly.
  • Download the reconciliation report for a fully transparent view of where all of your money is going and which payments are still pending so you know exactly how much you have to spend.
reconciliation detail

Exceptional Customer Support

  • Our customer support specialists are here to answer all of your questions and make sure you know you aren’t alone. They will guide you through every step from set up to monthly reporting to closing the books at year end.
  • In addition to our support staff answering questions, we have recorded webinars, help articles and offer personalized training for your organization.
  • First time treasurer?  Our Customer Support Team can bring you up to speed with their one-on-one training designed for new treasurers

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Take Accounting to the Next Level

Account Credits

  • Grant account credits to family or student accounts that can be used for future purchases. The system makes it easy to track this liability and keep track of which families have a balance.
  • Account credits are easy to manage and there are lots of great ways you can use these. Give a family an account credit for a future purchase instead of processing a refund for an order or event that was cancelled.
Accounting Credits

Easy Payment Processing

  • LumaPay, powered by Stripe, supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, and credit card payments. The checkout process is easy for your members with their choice of payment.


  • Simplify reimbursing your committee chairs and others with electronic reimbursement forms. Receipts can be easily uploaded and your form can be edited for review by as many board members as your bylaws require. 
  • All of your documentation is safely stored electronically within your site, you’ll no longer need to pass along the stuffed “Treasurer’s Binder” filled with years’ worth of receipts!
  • Make volunteers happy by reimbursing them quickly. Your treasurer can be notified whenever a reimbursement request is submitted.

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