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A software suite is only as good as it’s Customer Service. We know! We are volunteers in our own communities— just like you— and we pride ourselves on our ability to help you win. From launching your new website to yearly “board transition” training, our resources and tools make all the difference.

Superior Customer Support with Membership Toolkit

You Are Not Alone

Launch with Confidence and Success

  • Our goal is to ensure your organization launches successfully. Every new subscription includes a “getting started” package at no additional cost!
  • New customers receive a one-on-one onboarding web conference with a dedicated team member. We will help prioritize your setup, answer questions, and actually set up as much as we can during this time. For any remainder tasks, the team member will send you a list with help articles to assist you in setting up along with a checklist to officially launch.
  • Administrators can submit a ticket to our Customer Support Team or access our Knowledge Base which is loaded with “how to” articles, videos, webinars, checklists, and graphics.

Easier Board Transitions

  • Boards are constantly changing. We make the transition easy to ensure your organization doesn’t lose momentum. Free yearly transition tools are provided with every plan. Want a personalized transition experience? Our team offers sessions on everything from new board training, new treasurer training to personalized one-on-one work sessions. Simply submit a help desk ticket and we will get it setup.

Keep on Succeeding

  • We are constantly updating and expanding our resources. New webinars, how-to’s, downloadable graphics, and best practices ensure you always have the tools you need to do the job.
  • Monthly newsletters keep you up-to-date and spotlight our clever customers!
  • When you talk, our team members “get it.” They are experienced volunteers who, just like you, have also implemented Membership Toolkit in their schools and communities.
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Try Before You Subscribe

Customer Support Superpowers

An "Extension of Your Board" When You Need It

  • When you need an extra hand, think of our Customer Support team as your extended board. Simply submit a help desk ticket and we’ll give you a quote.

    You can hire our team to:

    • Set up forms
    • Design your website
    • Transfer content and graphics from an old website
    • Set up financials
    • Manage a fundraiser or event
    • Create custom “reports” to meet your organization’s needs

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