Donations & Sales

The ability to sell online is truly empowering! Users and admins alike will love the convenience and time saved. Your customers can shop anytime— even in their pajamas!

And you can sell anything! Membership dues, apparel, event or raffle tickets, meal vouchers, gala tickets, trip fees and more. Accept donations. Host fundraisers. Encourage corporate sponsorship. The sky’s the limit!

Sell Anything for Your Nonprofit

Open for Business 24/7 - Anytime - Anywhere

  • A game-changer for volunteers and customers! No more endless paper forms, data entry, or handwriting deciphering.
  • The store works well on any device: desktop, iPad or mobile device. Our free mobile app makes the process even easier.
  • Funds are instantly available. No more lost checks or waiting on a bank-run. 

Easy to Maintain

  • If you can type an email, you can set up and maintain your online sales! We provide tutorials and templates to get you going—from selling apparel and memberships, to accepting donations, and more.
  •  Accept credit cards, cash, or checks.
  • Customize your receipts to include time-saving details:  your EIN# for donations,  contact info for apparel sales, thank you messages, and more.
Membership Toolkit Store

Manage Your Inventory

  • Have a limited number of shirts to sell? No problem! Inventory is automatically updated as items are sold and you can manually update inventory for offline sales. 
  • Quick-look reports allow you to stay on top of the details.

Track Delivery of Physical Items

  • Easily track which items have been delivered.
  • Quickly view important details such as purchase method and where each item was delivered (oldest child’s classroom, homeroom, etc.).
Store Detail

Low Transaction Fees

  • Membership Toolkit itself does not charge any transaction fees, so you’ll keep more of what you bring in!

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Donation & Sales Superpowers

Better Records - Less Paperwork

  • Each online sale generates a detailed information trail—from purchase to delivery.
  • Quickly get to the bottom of “mysteries.” If a member calls wondering why they never received their order, you can look online and say, “Yes, I see your order was placed last month. It was delivered to your oldest child’s classroom.”
  • Use “reports” to comb through collected data in a flash to isolate details:
    • Sales records for a particular date range.
    • Contacts who have (or have not) donated.
    • Separate sales by category – apparel, donations, event sales, etc.
Store Reports

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