Mobile App

Our mobile app may be the very best way to use Membership Toolkit! It’s fast with instant access to key features such as the directory, communications, calendar, volunteer signups, store, and more. 

Mobile App

Fast And Free with Every Plan

Free for Apple or Android

  • Free of charge but must be a Membership Toolkit subscriber.
  • Download from the App Store or Google Play.
  • After users register on your website, they will enter the same login on the mobile app.

Brand It

  • Upload your logo,  pick the colors of your organization, and voilà! When members use the mobile app they see your organization in all its glory.

Digital Membership Cards​

  • No more printing and distributing membership cards!
  • Members access their card on the mobile app.  If they have their phone, they have their card!
  • Customizable! Simply upload an image of your card and position our ready-made fields directly on the image to display.
Digital Membership Card

Push Notifications​

  • Send quick reminders and announcements to your group. Subscribers will get the notification through the mobile app and/or email.
  • Subscribers control whether they receive push notifications on the mobile app and/or by email.

Try Before You Subscribe

Mobile App Superpowers

Multiple Groups — One Login

  • Use a single login for all of your organizations that use Membership Toolkit.
  • After login, toggle between organizations on the mobile app for on-the-go information. 

Promote Sponsors​

  • The mobile app is a great place to spotlight and thank sponsors.
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