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7 Spring Event Ideas For Your HOA

There are lots of fun, easy events that can attract all types of homeowners and get them interacting with one another. These 7 tips will help you on your way to building a sense of community in your neighborhood.

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Group of volunteers celebrating boost volunteer engagement

7 Ways to Increase Volunteer Engagement

Finding good volunteers can be difficult and keeping them engaged in your work is even harder. Focus on growing relationships with your volunteers so they have a fulfilling experience and become long-term supporters. 

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Vintage Christmas present and red balls on dark green background.

Best Teacher Gifts for Christmas

Teachers work hard! From comforting children when they’re upset to instilling life lessons, teachers do it all. This Christmas, consider stuffing your teacher’s stocking with some helpful and much-appreciated gifts

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MTK house with money financial tips for HOA managers

6 Financial Tips for HOA Managers

Accounting can be a difficult subject that requires some background knowledge to get right. But with these simple tips, you are on your way to fulfilling your fiduciary duty for your Homeowners Association.

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MTK PTO board meeting writing bylaws

Your PTA Bylaws

Bylaws are necessary for the operation of our parent teacher organizations yet when is the last time you set eyes on them much less referenced them when a dilemma came up?

Luckily, it’s not hard to update bylaws or even start from scratch. And once you’re done, bylaws can be your best friend when it comes to sticky situations.

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