Whether your nonprofit has dues-paying members or they are automatically considered a member by registering, increasing membership and engagement is a high priority. Increase membership when offering online registration. Members love the convenience and board members have no more data entry. It’s a win-win!


Go Digital & Simplify

Ditch the Paperwork

  • Reduce paperwork by allowing members to fill out their membership form online. Less work for them! 
  • Your board members will be happier with no more data entry
  • You’ll have better-quality data when members enter their own information.
Membership Types

Collect Dues Online

  • Nothing beats the convenience.
  • One of our customers increased their membership 46% their first year using Membership Toolkit!
  • When members pay dues online, it also provides an opportunity to purchase other items online at the same time.

Digital Membership Cards

  • Provide digital membership cards on the mobile app and reduce the time and hassle of printing paper ones
  • Upload an image of your membership card and drag our ready made fields to present perfectly in position.
Digital Membership Card

Membership Reports

  • Download your records to an Excel spreadsheet for easy submission.
  • Run on-screen reports and choose from an assortment of downloadable reports.

Communicate— Based on Membership Status

  • Communication lists can be created based on membership status.
  • Easily reach out to contacts in your database that haven’t purchased or renewed membership yet.
Membership Reports

Try Before You Subscribe

Membership Superpowers

Grant "Member Only" Benefits

  • Allow members to access certain website pages and calendars.
  • Give members “member only” discounts on store products.
  • Choose to allow “members only” to view the online directory.
Members Only

"I've been referred"

"I have a referral"