Sharing Membership Toolkit is a Win-Win!

Share the Love with our Back-to-School Special!

Customers will receive a $50 Boost in referral credits for every referral submitted from July 15th – August 15th that becomes a customer by August 30, 2024. 

It’s Simple.

  1. As a Membership Toolkit customer, share our solution with other non-profits in your network that would benefit from our all-in-one solution.
  2. Both organizations receive $100 in account credit after the referred organization becomes a customer.
  3. Spend the earned credits! 

We proudly serve PTAs, PTOs, Athletic and Fine Arts Booster Clubs, Education Foundations, HOAs, Social & Member organizations, Professional Societies, and Scouts, to name a few.   

Win-Win Referral FAQ

Really, both organizations will receive $100 each?
Yes, it’s our small way to thank our customers for sharing Membership Toolkit with your friends!

What can customers spend their referral credits on? 
Rewards can be used toward Customer Support services, plan upgrades, or even towards your yearly subscription.

Is there a limit to how many referral rewards our organization can earn?
No. The more you share, the more credits your organization can earn. What are you waiting for? Start sharing the love!

How do I refer a friend or organization?
Select the button “I have a referral!” and fill out the requested information. We will take it from there and let you know if they subscribed! 

Another option, send your referral to this referral page and they will select the button “I’ve been referred”. Remind them to add your name and your organization, so the credit can be applied.

When will my organization receive the $100 credit?
Your organization will receive credits when your referral has paid for their yearly subscription.  We will then reach out to you with the good news.

What’s the “small print” regarding the Referral Program? 
This program is for new customers only, referred after March 1 2022, and not for plan upgrades. 

To be eligible for referral credits, either the referral or the referee must submit a form prior to the referral becoming a new customer.

Membership Toolkit reserves the right to alter or end the referral program at any time, without notice.

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