For groups that need a secure online directory, Membership Toolkit is a dream come true, because the directory builds itself.  No more data entry for the directory committee!

PTA PTO Directory

Your Directory Builds Itself

No More Data Entry

  • When a contact registers on your website, they input their contact information. The information is used for not only the database but the directory too. 
  • With no data entry, admins do not have to decipher a contact’s handwriting. Thus, less misspellings or incorrect email addresses.
Data Entry Band

Mobile App Directory

  • Convenience for your contacts is what is provided using our free on-the-go directory.
  • It is cinch for contacts to reach out to others in your organization by selecting a phone number to text or dial, an address to map, or an email address to prompt writing one.

Privacy Control

  • Contacts have full control of which information, if any, they want to publish in the directory and can update anytime.
  • Admins control who is included in the directory and who can view the directory.

Printed Directory

  • Those who prefer a printed directory can choose between several different PDF templates. Simply download, and send to your printer.

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Directory Superpowers

Directory “Favorites”

  • Select the people you contact often in your organization and mark them as a “favorites” in the directory.  This will present a short list  of your “go to” contacts.
Directory Favorites

"I've been referred"

"I have a referral"