Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Are you thinking of hosting a Read-A-Thon, Jog-A-Thon, Dance-A-Thon… but don’t want to put in all the work just to give huge percentages of the donations to another company?  Our Fundraising Campaign Tool allows each of your particpants to collect donations through a personal page – which is known to raise more funds – and you keep up to 95% of what you bring in! Personalize your fundraiser for the group and then let your users take it one step further to make their page their own!

Keep Nearly 95% of What You Raise

Pick Any Type of Fundraiser

  • Choose an event that excites your group and go for it!
  • Popular events include fun runs, color runs, read-a-thons, walk-a-thons, scrimmages, battle of the bands, dance-a-thons…the options are endless.

Ready to Launch in Minutes

  • Administrators can jump right in; set a goal, craft a message and invite fans, friends and neighbors to check it out and donate!
  • Admins have access to checklists, help articles, videos and can ask our customer support team questions to simplify the setup.
  • Want an “above and beyond” level of service? Our fundraising experts can take care of some or all of the setup from start to finish … just ask for a quote.

Keep More of What You Raise

  • No more paying 40-60% to a fundraising group. You keep nearly 95% of the funds you raise.
  • Three percent of each donation up to $50,000 is collected to cover the costs of the fundraising tools. If a credit card is used in the transaction, the usual rates apply.

Personalize the Campaign

For Administrators

  • Personalize your donation campaign with our preloaded graphics, page backgrounds, and buttons.  You choose the colors too.
  • Allow participants to customize their own personal page. Include a photo, write a special note and share on social media for lots of exposure.

For Each Participant

  • Participants receive their very own page to customize. They can upload a picture, write a note to future donors, and set a personal goal.
  • We make it fast and easy to invite family and friends to give. The participant inputs the email addresses of friends and family and then easily sends a personalized note to potential donors.  They’ll then be alerted when someone makes a donation!
Fundraising Personalized Peer-to-Peer

Try Before You Subscribe

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Superpowers

Compete — And Raise More

  • Gain momentum in your Fundraising Campaign through friendly competition.
  • Use our leaderboards to allow classes, teams and groups to compete against each other for bragging rights or actual prizes.
Competition Personalized Fundraising

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