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Communicating can be tough. Our tools will keep your emails and newsletters streamlined and you will be communicating with your audience like a pro. We have easy to use templates to create communications to send to a select group, or your entire database.  We make it easy to create, send, and track emails or newsletters


Always Deliver

Target Your Messages

  • We make it easy to communicate— without over-communicating! You can create smart lists or manually build lists of your own. Send emails to certain groups or to everyone.
  • Want to remind just the people that haven’t yet donated or purchased a ticket for an upcoming event?  We make that easy to do so you target exactly the right people!
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Up-to-Date Contacts

  • Keep your contact list in one secure online location (instead of on a board member’s computer in Excel!) so that all admins that need access to it, have it.
  • Contacts can update their own information anytime but are asked yearly to confirm that their data is still accurate.

Send e-Newsletters Smoothly

  • Send branded communications quickly to one person, a group of people, or your entire database. 
  • Templates and tools are provided. Just brand them with your logo, colors, calendar, and content design. Save it as a template to make weekly/monthly communication easy.
  • And no worries, we never ever tack advertisements onto your communications!
  • Craft your newsletters and emails when it is convenient for you.  Send them when you feel it is most likely your community will read them!  All of our newsletters and emails can be scheduled to send on the exact date and time you need them to be.
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Email & Newsletter Superpowers

Communication Analytics

  • Know for sure who is receiving- and more importantly, reading– your newsletters and emails! Our statistics tell you how many were sent, opened, and clicked on.  Know if any emails are bounced or invalid. 
  • Take a deep dive if you’re interested to see specifically who is opening your communications.
Communication Analysis

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