Contact Management

The heart of Membership Toolkit’s system is the contact database. It integrates with all the other tools, making Membership Toolkit a true “all-in-one” solution for your nonprofit. And, since it’s completely customizable, you have endless options! Collect any information that is important to your organization.

Data Entry

Endless Options for Data Collection

Collect All the Data You Need

  • Capture as much or as little contact information as you need. For example, PTAs/PTOs might want to add student names, grades, teachers, and possibly whether or not someone is a room parent. HOAs might add custom details like subdivisions, babysitters, pet sitters, and age of kiddos.
  • Data captured can be filtered to send targeted communications, sort the directory, and to show online forms to different groups in your database.,

Up-to-Date Information

  • Your organization’s contact lists are at home in one secure location online – as opposed to stored on a board member’s computer in Excel.
  • Contacts can update their information anytime day or night. To ensure your database stays current, they are asked yearly to verify their information.

Unlimited Contacts

  • Include as many contacts as you need. This means not having to worry about reaching a limit and being charged extra fees if you do.  

Goodbye Data Entry​

  • As people register on your website, they enter their own contact details. That means you are saving hours of data entry and eliminates most data entry errors.
  • If you already have a contact list, we can upload it! Don’t waste your valuable time entering contacts into your database one by one.
Data Entry Band

Yes, Your Information is Secure

  • Security of your information is our highest concern. All data entered by contacts is done so under a password they create. Any activity is completed over a secure connection.
  • Our Privacy Policy states your organization owns the data in your account. We will not to market to any of your contacts, advertise on your account, or sell any of your contacts’ information. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

Try Before You Subscribe

Database Superpowers

Year-to-Year Promoting​

  • Let the system automatically promote students to the next grade level and promote graduating students to alumni status.
  • End of the year transition guide to easily update your system for the following year.

Faculty Directory Module

  • This module allows specific information about your faculty like room number, phone number, building number, classroom website URL and even a list of their favorite things!
  • Publish a faculty list to present as a directory and produce PDF reports for printed options.
  • Update data throughout the year without breaking the data. The cool thing is whenever you update this information, it will automatically update wherever they appear on your site.
Data Base promote students

"I've been referred"

"I have a referral"