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5 Days Or Less For Success

Want to hear how your organization can get your Membership Toolkit Site up and running in 5 days or less? We have a great example of team work at its finest! While we know that no two organizations are the same, this is a success story worth sharing.

Defining What You Need to Launch

An elementary school PTA (Parent Teacher Association) President and Vice President came to us to see how Membership Toolkit could help them run their organization more efficiently.  They were looking for a solution that allowed them to collect membership dues and record membership status, sell items throughout the year, communicate with everyone in their school community, a tool to help them manage their volunteers, and a website to act as the hub of all things PTA.  Of course, they needed something that was easy to use, not only for their end users, but for their board members since turn over every few years is common; it wouldn’t be helpful if the next group of board members couldn’t pick up where they left off.  After learning more about Membership Toolkit’s features and ability to easily replicate things year after year, they decided it was the perfect solutions.  They also decided they want to launch soon – like in 5 days soon! We told them we were game if they were and immediately defined a game plan together.  Once we all committed to the plan, everyone got to work!  

We can Help get your Membership Toolkit site launched

Choose Your Membership Subscription

As a Concierge Client, the organization was able to select two services from our professional service options. The administrators agreed to supply us with their database (in specified excel format) so we could upload their contacts. They also asked us to create a series of forms (from one original pdf.) They, however, chose to update their own calendar, set-up payment configuration, and create their homepage content and pertinent tabs such as About Us. Everyone also worked to have their Volunteer Form and Newsletter Template ready.

Use Membership Toolkit Software to Build Your Website

The goal of the organization was to be able to launch their site within 5 days. We started on Friday as per our agreement. We had Membership Toolkit Team Members split the duties to get their contacts uploaded and their sales forms created and published.  Their team was equally dedicated and divvied up the rest of their tasks to make sure hitting their deadline was feasible. Not only did everyone meet their deadlines, they exceeded them and they were ready to launch early!

By Monday:

they sent out their first Newsletter using the Membership Toolkit “Invite New Customers” sample email. Their community received the message loud and clear and responded to the newsletter because…..

By Wednesday:

they had two-thirds of their contacts registered and connected to their uploaded accounts!  Not only that but they had almost $12,000 in sales and 25 volunteers signed up to help! It was clear that their families responded well to the newsletter and found the new site easy to navigate and use.

Membership Toolkit can help you launch your website successfully


The success of this launch was the commitment from all parties. Not only were the administrators on the account determined to get their Membership Toolkit Site ready and into the users’ inbox with five days, we also had diligent Membership Toolkit Team Members working on their tasks. Beyond that, we had interested and reactive users that were engaged and responsive to the organization’s requests. This was a real team effort and a win for all! 

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Want to hear how a motivated group can get their Membership Toolkit Site up and running in 5 days or less? We have a great example of team work at its finest! While we know that no two organizations are alike, this is a success story worth sharing.
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