Calendars keep everyone in-the-know and encourage participation in your organization’s events. Keep calendars current, so visitors will see your website as the go-to place for your organization’s information.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Create One Calendar or Many

  • Stay organized with our hosted calendar tool. Create as many calendars as you need.  
  • Admins choose how to present calendars – for example in all one view or present them separately.

Calendar Subscriptions

  • Contacts who register on your website can subscribe to one or all of your organization’s calendars.
  • By subscribing to a calendar, contacts will see your organization’s important dates on their personal calendar (Google or Mac Calendar for example). 

Volunteering Calendar

  • Members can subscribe to the volunteering calendar. 
  • By subscribing, the volunteer’s service dates and times will automatically appear on their personal calendar.

Newsletter Integration

  • Easily integrate calendars into the newsletter tool by the touch of a button. No re-keying upcoming events, yay! 
  • You choose the calendar(s) you want to include and how many events to display.

Display Options

  • Display calendars in a variety of ways on the website and in communications – a full-page view, a list for upcoming events, a mini view, and of course on the mobile app to view important dates on-the-go.
  • Control who sees each calendar by setting the visibility to allow the public to view, only members, or just admins.

Try Before You Subscribe

Calendar Superpowers

Display iCal Calendars From Other Sources

  • We give you the calendar option to locally host or externally host via iCal feed. Imagine all the data entry and time you save by not re-keying all the dates you have already set in your current calendar. Select how often you want the calendar updated and that’s it!

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