Membership Toolkit and LumaPAy

Introducing LumaPay: A Brighter Way to Pay

Need to collect money for registrations, fees, spirit wearand fundraisers?  It’s now easier than ever to accept payments with LumaPay, Membership Toolkit’s new technology powered by Stripe.

The tool simplifies payment collection with easy-to-use features, offering the security and flexibility you deserve. LumaPay was built with your needs in mind, integrating seamlessly with the Membership Toolkit dashboard and accounting tools.  You’ll love the improved reporting and simple money transfers.

Why LumaPay?

  • A competitive fixed rate equal to 2.79% of the purchase, plus $0.30 per transaction
  • Superior fraud protection and account verification (i.e. fewer declined payments)
  • Payment options include credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay
  • ACH payments (electronic checks)
  • Scheduled payment plans
  • Easy transfer of account ownership
  • Top notch customer support

How to Activate

Customers can activate LumaPay within their Membership Toolkit account by going to:
Account Dashboard > System Configuration > Payment Processors > Activate & Configure next to LumaPay

Want to learn more about LumaPay and collecting money with Membership Toolkit?


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