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What Does an All-In-One Really Mean?

We hear it all the time: “nothing in our organization is integrated,” or “we just have too many logins,” or “we just need to find a way to streamline and organize our efforts”. We’ve been there; we get it. Our team at Membership Toolkit is just like you. We’ve been (and in some cases, still are) the PTA president, board member for the HOA, fundraising chair for the booster club, and volunteer coordinator for the social club, and that’s just naming a few. Serving in so many capacities allowed us to see the opportunity and the need to save time running an organization so we can all focus on what’s most important: our communities.

So, we set out to develop an all-in-one solution for organizations just like yours. Whether you’re an IT expert or your tech abilities stop at typing an email, we designed Membership Toolkit to be easy-to-use, super flexible, and cover every aspect of running your organization. The best part? It’s all available in one, fully integrated portal. No need for multiple membership management software solutions. No need for paperwork. And it’s so easy to pass down from one board to the next with a history of transactions and other activities.

What exactly can Membership Toolkit, this all-in-one solution, do?

  • Create your custom, mobile-friendly website? Check. Even better, no html coding required.
  • Track budgets, monitor your sales and funds raised, and collect dues online? Check. We even offer Treasurer Training courses to equip your treasurer with best practices for overseeing the finances of an organization.
  • Sign up members and volunteers online? Easy. You just send them a link.
  • Organize and sort your volunteers based on interests and prior event participation? You bet.
  • Sort and save your contacts, maintain an online directory, and send out email communication right from your dashboard with all or selected groups? Of course.

If you know how to use Microsoft® Office programs, you already know how to use Membership Toolkit. The best part of all just might be the incredible Customer Support team members at Membership Toolkit ready to guide you every step of the way. People just like you who have done jobs just like you. And people who don’t tolerate hidden fees or “gotcha costs.”

Have 15 minutes? That’s all it takes to start the conversation to see how Membership Toolkit can help your organization thrive! Visit us online now to schedule a demo when it’s most convenient for you!

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