Find Your Team to Help Launch Your Site

In order to launch your new Membership Toolkit Site successfully, you will need help from many sources. Before you begin, you must answer a few questions:

How will you use your site? What are your goals? Will you sell Memberships? Will you recruit volunteers? Will you utilize the accounting package?

Define who your Membership Toolkit Administrators will be. Ideally, the first few helpers will come from the following departments: Presidency, Treasury, Fundraising, Volunteers, Membership, and Communications. Be sure to assign adequate access control for each.

Determine your top priorities in order to direct users to your site. We suggest an event or product announcement. These will drive registration and purchases. It is likely that an incentive to visit your site will ensure that users actually do visit.

Is there a specific date or event that you are targeting? That would be your hard launch date. It is advised that you have a soft launch date where you invite your administrators to register and “check-out” as any other end-user might. This will allow for a test of the system and find any possible snags. This is also a good time to make sure that your president and treasurer have a final preview to make sure the site reflects the mission and financial soundness you intend.

Typically, it is preferred if each department creates or edits its own form. While the webmaster may train and lead others, the content should be supplied by the specific lead. For example, the webmaster can design a spirit wear form, but will not know prices or have images until they are supplied by the chair. Also, knowing whether you will collect tax on each sale or to which budget category it will be assigned must be determined by the treasurer. Similarly, the volunteer coordinator will know the dates and requirements needed of the volunteers. Even if the webmaster creates the Volunteer Opportunities Form, the volunteer coordinator should supply the verbiage. Dividing and conquering is key!

Furthermore, giving all the responsibility to one administrator is not advisable. What should happen if the webmaster moves to Alaska? Who is prepared to step-in and take care of business? Everyone should be ready!

Information is key. In order to be thorough, having the calendar and basic information updated is crucial to your success. Assembling a trustworthy team and divvying up responsibilities will help you launch your site with confidence.

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