Membership Toolkit-Special Edition COVID-19

This has been a tough week for many of our customers as we adapt to the spread of COVID-19. We know that the disruptions to your community can be unsettling and there is still a lot of uncertainty in what changes will be coming.

We are committed to supporting the communities we serve. Read below to learn how the Membership Toolkit system can help you help your community stay engaged and connected.

Take care of yourself and others.  


Amy Newell
Membership Toolkit President

Communication Tools to Help Your Community Stay Connected

Emails & Newsletter

One of the best ways to stay connected will be through email.  The email & newsletter tools include options to create a quick email or send out a newsletter with lots of details. 

The Newsletter Tools have been included with our Premium & Concierge subscriptions. We are now including the Newsletter Tools with all Plans. 

Push Notifications & Announcements

Quickly alert your community using a push notification. A push notification is a short message to communicate and remind your community or segments of your community. Users using our free app will receive an alert on their phone while those who don’t use the app will receive the same alert via email.

Message Boards

message boards

Message Boards provide a secure way to communicate with a group of people – everyone in a particular grade, classroom, after school activity, or sport. 

Account admins decide who has the ability to create a post on each board. This is helpful because your account admins don’t have to be responsible for all communications.  Communications will be sent to group member’s email and be saved on the Message Board. 

Website Pages With Comments

Adding Comments to a website page allows you to create a chat board for your community. You can choose which group can have access. This could be a great way to allow families to request and offer help.

At a time where there is an abundance of constantly updated information and recommendations, you might find that a dedicated web page is the best way to keep your community informed. Premium & Concierge customers can choose to turn Comments on to allow your community to post questions, answers, and helpful tips. 

Event Cancellations

Many organizations have had to make the tough decision to cancel an event. If you find your organization in this situation, make sure you have a communication plan in place using the tools above. 

virtual fundraising ideas membership toolkit

Several customers have already announced they are cancelling major fundraising events. If you are considering a replacement fundraiser, you may want to look into an online sales campaign, a write-a-check campaign or even host a Personalized Fundraising Campaign such as a Read-A-Thon where you can spotlight each student.

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