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Helping Your HOA Build Community

Times have changed. We are moving more often, playing outdoors less, have busier schedules–we may not know our neighbors well. It’s getting harder and harder to get homeowners as invested in their community as they are in their homes. If your HOA can help foster a sense of community among homeowners, everyone can benefit. But how do you do that with all of these obstacles? Check out these 8 tips that can help your HOA build community:

1. Promote Clubhouses

Highlight common spaces like clubhouses or parks. Give information about renting clubhouses or renovations to parks on your website. Host as many event as you can in your common areas to promote use by the residents.

2. Upkeep green spaces

Make sure green spaces stay tidy and have ample lighting. Residents won’t gather in a space unless it’s inviting and safe. If there are places that need tidying, create a clean-up event where everyone can pitch in.

3. Throw a Block Party

Because our kids are playing outside less and less, we are less likely to chat daily or weekly with our neighbors. Host a block party or neighborhood party in a common area so neighbors and children can come together to meet and make connections.

4. Have a Welcome Committee

Have a small group from your HOA greet new neighbors by introducing themselves, telling newcomers about the HOA and maybe giving a small welcome gift. This small gesture might encourage new residents to join the board and become involved in the future.

5. Host Annual Events

Have an annual activity that residents can count on each year. They will look forward to the tradition which in itself creates a great sense of community. Try a 5K, Easter egg hunt, or a polar plunge.

6. Include Everyone

A great community has a mix of old, young, families and professionals. Make sure you know your neighbors and how to engage each group.

7. Take a Poll

Ask the community what their interests are or for feedback on topics and events. There may be a group interest that you hadn’t thought of before that can bring neighbors together.

8. Create a Great Website

Make all of your information accessible with a good, clear website.

With new technologies and gadgets, it’s harder to draw homeowners out into the community which in turn can inhibit the growth of the community. By building community, homeowners will be happier with the HOA, more likely to pay dues on time and more likely to contribute to the success of the community.

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