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Family-Friendly Spring Break Ideas on a Budget

We are starting to shake the Winter Blues and heading toward that glorious week–SPRING BREAK! If you are unable to travel, or are wanting to save some money, we have you covered with some great FREE or inexpensive Spring Break activities that won’t break the bank.


Picnic in the Park

As the weather gets warmer, it’s easy to pack up the kids and head to a local park. Pack up a blanket and some sandwiches, fruit, and of course a treat. Find a good shady spot to monitor the kiddos and then pull out a good book. Or, how about joining them on swings or monkey bars?


Hit the Trails

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Spring is the perfect time to find a new trail to hike or bike. Before you head out, stock up on sunscreen, water, and trial mix. Read ahead about what type of flora and fauna you might encounter on the way. As you hike, you can play a game or go on a scavenger hunt. To find a trail close to you, use All Trails


Visit Your Local Library

Hit the library to check out new books for the week. There are also great programs offered at local libraries during Spring Break which are typically free. Some even have free movie days or play programs.


Make Crafts

Spring Break is a great time to clean out and inventory your craft closet. Challenge your kids to create something from the available materials. Or, finally help the kids make one of those craft kits that have been sitting around. Just sitting and drawing or painting as a family can be a relaxing way to spend time together. And FREE!


Camp at Home

If the weather is nice, pitch a tent in the backyard and go camping! Make a campfire or grill out under the stars. S’mores are a must, too. Tell ghost stories or play board games. 


Kids love to cook and bake but rarely do we have the time to help them and coach them in the kitchen. Let them choose a recipe that they’ve always wanted to try. Give them a budget and let them shop for ingredients. Give them support but let them do the majority of the work on their own. For little expense, everyone gets a great experience and something delicious to taste!

Have a Movie Night

With nicer weather approaching, have a movie night in the backyard. Pick and movie and come up with a themed dinner to go with it (we’re thinking Lady and the Tramp with spaghetti and meatballs!). Finish the evening with popcorn and movie candy. If it’s rainy, you can still snuggle up and have a movie marathon inside.

Staying close to home for Spring Break doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. There are so many resources in your local area. And saving a little money now means you can be ready for those summer travel plans. Are you staying close-to-home for Spring Break? What would you add to our list? Comment below.

Check out our Spring Break Pinterest page for more ideas!

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