Do Your Goals For the Year Include Parent Engagement?

Parent organizations should not ignore the possibilities and power they have to help and support parents. For many, their goals and priorities should be a balance between supporting the school and supporting parents. To accomplish that goal, parent engagement in your school and organization is key.

Parent Organization Boards are encouraged to review and vote on a set of goals for the coming school year.  Too often this process involves the president resurrecting goals from previous years, dusting them off, and a 5 second review by board members while they are being passed.  But really – this should be one of the most important discussions your board will have this year and parent engagement should be at the top of the list.  Why?  Because you cannot do everything. 

Add Parent Engagement to Your List Of Goals

What should be on your list every year: supporting and encouraging parent engagement and involvement in your school. Studies prove that the most critical factor for student success is involved parents. Make it a goal to help parents increase their involvement and engagement.  Support parents in their goals to be involved in their children’s education.

Family & School Circumstances

Your goal should include every parent and take into considerations the situations that affect the families in your community. Each school community is unique and what is needed at one school may not be a priority or goal at a neighboring school.  Some possibilities to consider:

  • English as a Second Language.
  • Parents are interested in learning how to support learning at home.
  • Limited financial resources.
  • Need to increase the number of parent volunteers.
  • Transportation – unable to provide transportation to come to school to volunteer.
  • New families.  Do they feel welcome in your school and organization?  Do they know and understand the steps to get involved? 
  • Working parents who would like to volunteer and need flexible opportunities.
  • Parents who are ready to do more – what committees are available for them?

Working With Your Principal

Your goal of increasing parent engagement will only be achieved if you are working together with your principal.  This is important! Schedule a time to meet with your principal and administrators. Some topics you can discuss:

  • What challenges do parents in your community experience that limits their options for parent engagement? 
  • How can your parent organization support efforts at the school? 
  • Does your school’s administration think it is important to have parents that are engaged and active in their children’s education or are they happy with the status-quo?  

Students perform better when their parents and families support their education.  Make it your goal to help parents become engaged with their student’s academics and involved with your school and parent organization.

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