Tips to convince your board you need membership management software

Convincing Your PTO and Booster Club to Switch Membership Management Software

We know it isn’t easy to introduce a new way of doing things, especially if the old ways are working just fine. You probably know the benefits of using technology but if the old paper/pencil manual way of doing things still works, your board may be reluctant to make the switch.

A little preparation can help you present the idea of member management software to your board. Follow these 4 steps to make a convincing argument.


1. The Benefits of the Right Membership Management Software

What is Membership Management Software (MMS)? MMS is an all-in-one digital tool that helps organizations keep their member and donor information all in one place. Good MMS can help your board stay organized, communicate better, and save a ton of time and money.

Different software features run the gamut and organizations like PTOs, PTAs, and Booster Clubs increasingly have different needs to run their groups. This calls for a software that offers lots of different customizable options.

Once your organization understands what Membership Management Software is, it’s time to show them specifically how it can help them serve your organization better.

Convince your board to use membership management software

2. A Good Member Management Software Pays for Itself in Time & Money

Since the board is responsible for your organization’s financials, show them the cost- and time-saving benefits of making the switch. 

How much time does your treasurer spend tracking budgets, monitoring sales, funds-raised, and collecting dues? MMS can do all that with a click of a button.

How many more members could you retain if you could manage dues online and communicate via members-only webpages? Membership Toolkit offers online sign up. Participants love the convenience and no more data entry for your board members! 

Does your secretary have trouble compiling contacts and keeping your directory up-to-date? With Membership Toolkit, your directory builds itself! Present your directory online or print it off and distribute it. You control who has access. 

Most organizations find the software pays for itself many times over from increased donations.  Membership Toolkit makes it easy to send targeted emails to remind your members to donate.  With an email that includes the link to donate, it is literally as easy as a click of a button.  When it is quick and easy to donate or participate in a fundraiser, you will find your participation rates skyrocket!

Having all of your data in one spot so team members can easily access it can help alleviate the pain when a knowledgeable team member leaves and needs to transition to another person.

3. Show Your Organization's Board How a Good Member Management System will Help in the Areas You Struggle

Choose an area where your board might struggle and demonstrate how they can alleviate their stress with Membership Management Software. If, say, your board wants to increase membership, show them how easy it is to reach out to past members to renew their membership or sign up initially using MMS.

If your volunteer coordinator struggles with finding new volunteers and scheduling them for events, demonstrate how Membership Toolkit provides online signups, easy-to-use calendars, and automated reminders and thank you notes.

Try Membership Toolkit's membership management software with a free demo

4. The Right Software will Present Solutions to Common Objections

“The old way is just fine.” 

Your board may think that everything is working smoothly, but most likely they are using systems that are wasting a lot of time and money. You may be using one platform to email your members and another to run a fundraising event. Many popular systems don’t necessarily communicate with each other either.

“It’s too expensive.”

Membership Toolkit offers different plans and price points to adjust to your needs. We also offer free trials and demos so you can check it out before you commit. Organizations that use Membership Toolkit find that the increased engagement from their community increases their donations and fundraiser participation such that our program more than pays for itself. 

“Set up will be time-consuming.”

Customer Support will work with you one-on-one to ensure that you get the most value from your tools as soon as possible. They will contact you to help assure that your on-boarding is successful. What you can expect from them:

Welcome Phone Conference

A conversation to meet each other and discuss your goals and timeline.

On-boarding Web Conference

Time tailored for you to address specific questions, discuss processes, whatever you need most for your account! Included with Essential, Premium, and Concierge plans. 

Knowledge Base & Help Desk

You and your administrators will have full access to our extensive knowledge base. It includes articles, short videos, tutorials and more. When you have a question, you can log a support ticket and get help.

Setup Packages Available

If your board would prefer a completely turnkey product, our customer service experts can get your site, sales forms and volunteer sign ups ready for you.  So all you have to do is let your community know that you have an amazing new resource available to them!

If you approach your board with a clear vision and understanding of the benefits of using Membership Management Software, they are far more likely to support the switch.

Schedule a free demo or start a free trial to see how Membership Toolkit can help your board save time and money.

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We know it isn't easy to introduce a new way of doing things, especially if the old ways are working just fine. You probably know the benefits of using technology but if the old paper/pencil manual way of doing things still works, your board may be reluctant to make the switch. We have tips to convince them otherwise!
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