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Communications Chairperson–Digging for Information

Good communication is a key component of a successful Membership Organization. It’s critical to keep members informed of board decisions, events and helpful information in order to get good participation. The Communications Chairperson plays an essential role in how well information gets disseminated. Read on for ideas of what to include in your newsletters, website, social media and more.

The Responsibilities of the Communications Chairperson Can Include:

  • Newsletter
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Phone directory (collecting and printing at the beginning of the  year)
  • Yearbook/Memory Book
  • Room Parent coordinator/Volunteer Coordinator
  • Contacting local papers and providing news from the organization
  • Publicity (maintaining bulletin board at school/sport facility/community center
  • Attend all meetings and gather information

Whew! Hopefully you have a fabulous committee of dedicated volunteers to help with each of these. At a bare minimum, the Communications Chairperson should maintain the website, provide information for the newsletter, and manage the club’s social media accounts. At a loss for what to include? Read on for some ideas.


  • President’s Message–ask your President to write a short column about what’s going on in the club or to address any concerns or general information you want your members to know.
  • Calendar–include the local school’s calendar, community calendar,  as well as your organization’s
  • Contact Info–make sure it’s in the same place each time
  • List of Board Members and Committees— include contact information
  • Membership Form or Link
  • Volunteer Opportunities or Needs


  • Parenting Section–include advice and helpful, timely articles
  • Study Skills/Homework Help for students and parents
  • Upcoming Events–include school, district, as well as community events
  • Volunteer Section–include forms and a list of descriptions of needed positions
  • Corporate Sponsorship Section–include a spotlight on current Corporate Sponsors, forms needed for new sponsors, and a list of partner discounts for  members
  • Spirit Wear Section–with photos of merchandise available and clear ordering instructions

Social Media

There are so many forms of social media these days that it’s hard to keep up! It’s safe to say that most of your members will at least be on Facebook and/or Twitter. Start with updating those and then you can gradually tackle the many, many other outlets.

  • Sign up to receive updates from your town’s Mayor’s office and your school’s feeder schools, or like them on Facebook and Twitter. Then, you can share or retweet pertinent messages from your PTA/PTO’s account.
  • On Fridays, post events that are happening in the community over the weekend.
  • Photos from Events.
  • Reminders of upcoming events or spirit days.
  • Shares and Retweets from the National PTA and your state’s PTA.
  • Student Spotlights or Awards.
  • School Awards and Accolades.
  • Sports Teams game outcomes and School Club news. 

By following these easy ideas, you can keep the lines of communication open between the board and the members. If your communication is effective, you’ll get more parent engagement and participation from all members. Be consistent, clear, and always available to answer questions and you’ll be sure to have a great year!

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