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7 Time-Saving Tips for the New Year

We all know that the New Year is a great time to start fresh with resolutions. If your resolution involves being more organized, try these tips to help you use your time wisely and become more productive.

1. Make To-Do Lists

In order to manage your time better, keep a to-do list. There are a ton of ways to keep these lists whether on paper, or via app. The important thing is to make it work for you. Try to keep your list manageable so you’ll actually be able to mark things off each day.

2. Get Organized

Have you heard the phrase “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned”? It’s hard to manage your time well and organize your life if your belongings are a mess. Take time in the New Year to tidy up and it will make you more productive in the long run.

3. Speak Up

If you are overwhelmed and have too much to do, ask for help. If you are asked to do something that you don’t have time to do, say no! Be honest with yourself and others and free up some of your precious time.

4. Prioritize

Good time managers set priorities so they know what to tackle first. Remember that to-do list you made? Rank the items by priority to work the most effectively. Use a star rating–5 stars for the most important.

5. Stop the Paper Shuffle

Don’t waste time shuffling papers from pile to pile. Touch each paper that comes into your house only once. You can decide what to do with the paper immediately to eliminate clutter. Will you.

A) Act on it
B) File it
C) Give it to someone else, or
D) Throw it away

Be decisive! Don’t put off acting on something that you can do right away and get rid of. Be judicious about what you file, too–do you really need it long term?

6. Keep Calm

If you feel overwhelmed and have too much to do and too little time to do it in, don’t panic. Don’t waste time worrying and fretting over how much is on your plate. Often, you can buckle down and check a few things off your list quickly and everything seems more manageable.

7. Eliminate Distractions

Create an environment conducive to getting good work done. Being able to get a few uninterrupted hours of work done saves time for other fun things. Also, when others see you in your work environment, they will know not to interrupt.

What are some of your time-saving tips? Add them in the comments!

Source: SignUpGenius

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