25 Twitter Ideas for Your Parent Organization

Twitter is such a valuable tool and should be part of your social media strategy. But, it moves so quickly and can be a bit overwhelming. Are you wondering how to use Twitter to reach out to your parents and community?

Check out these 25 ideas for Twitter posts that will keep your students, parents and community happy.

1. Student Shout Outs​

Acknowledge students who have done something awesome. They won a competition, worked really hard on a project, were a good citizen…. 

2. Meeting/Event Reminders

3. Inspirational Quotes

4. Corporate Sponsor Recognition

If your parent organization is fortunate to have business sponsors then be sure to thank them for their donation. 

5. Links to Articles and Resources

A goal for parent organizations should be to increase parent engagement and involvement. One way to help parents is to provide them with resources and information about parenting and homework help.

6. Tickets On Sale for an Event

7. New Spirit Wear in Your Online Store​

Don’t forget the pictures and a link to your online store!

8. Photos of Your Events & Volunteers

9. Live Commentary on a Game or a Meeting

Create a hashtag for each event so it’s easy to follow and for others to join the conversation.

10. Last Minute Club Needs

Call for volunteers, supplies, donations, etc…

11. Student or Club Updates​

Sports outcomes, personal or club achievements, honor roll announcements…

12. Fundraiser Announcements and Reminders

13. Reminders for Special Dress-Up Days

Spirit day, Dr. Seuss dress up, favorite book character, silly sock day, etc.

14. Testing Schedules

15. Schedule Changes

 Post to all social media and other communication tools to cover everyone.

16. Quote or Note from the Principal

17. New Newsletter Announcement

18. Photos of participants volunteering in the community

19. "Did You Know?"

All year you can publish tweets on Did You Know (DYK) and share fun facts about your teachers, administrators, school history, and district.

20. Highlight special celebrations

For example…April is Poetry Month or Red Ribbon Week.

21. Retweet news from the district

22. Highlight special classes

This can include curriculum like Art, Music or PE

23. Contests Like "Name the New Mascot"

24. News From Feeder Schools

25. Which Uniform to Wear a Certain Day or to an Event

Don’t Forget Your HashTags

It’s funny how we can get writer’s block even when faced with only 280 characters! Hopefully, these topics will get you started and make you more comfortable tweeting. You’ll start seeing tons of opportunities to highlight your club, your school, and your community.

Do you have other great ways your organization uses Twitter? Please share with us below. Happy tweeting!

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