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Keeping Your Kids From Driving You Crazy While at Home

COVID – 19 and the attempt to reduce the spread through social distancing has thrown us all into unchartered territory.  As such, we are finding ourselves working from home, with children that are not in school and not allowed to socialize in person with friends.  We’ve gone from a society of constantly on the go to one searching to find ways to keep our children occupied and engaged.  Here is a list of some resources we’ve found to help you through this unique time.  

Web Resources

Reading and Educational Sites

Virtual Field Trips

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Get Outside

  • Take a walk, hike, or family bike ride.
  • Complete PE assignments, make it more fun with the entire family!
  • Practice sport skills, ask your coach for ideas or Google training videos.
  • Catch up on yard work or plant flowers.

Spring Cleaning

  • Clean out the closets; have the kids put on a ‘fashion show’ to decide what they’ve outgrown.  Bag up your unneeded items to donate to a charity or prepare for a future garage sale.
  • Sort/organize your legos.
  • Clean out your toy room and set aside items to be donated or sold.
  • Paint a room.

Family Time

  • Movie Night ~ make popcorn & black out the windows to make an authentic movie experience.
  • Find some yoga on youtube or other streaming source and get the entire family involved!
  • Enjoy board games or puzzles.
  • Build a fort with boxes or sheets.


  • Go through old photos and create a scrapbook.
  • Paint 
    Ehlke Art: Easy step-by-step videos to learn how to draw & paint.
  • Coloring books
  • Make slime or playdough.
  • Create jewelry.
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  • Make and decorate cookies or a cake.
  • Have a family Top Chef contest.
  • Teach the kids to cook or make a new recipe.
  • Play restaurant where the kids take your order and play waiter/waitress.

What would you add to our list? We would love to hear what’s working and what isn’t in the comments.  For more ideas, check out our Pinterest page for more “I’m Bored” activities!

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