Virtual Teacher Appreciation

Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week Virtually

We can all agree we’re in a strange situation right now. The physical school year is over for most of the country yet teachers and students are working harder than ever to keep up with the normal curriculum. Everywhere you turn on social media, parents are showing their gratitude for the job a teacher does, having to assume that job now, too. Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week this May 4-8 will be challenging but completely doable. We have lots of ideas to cover you. Check out all the ways you can show your appreciation from a distance.

Film a Video

Have your child film a short video thanking their teacher. There are so many possibilities–maybe a tour of their home workspace or a special reading area. Your child could perform song or poem. Since many of us have virtual meetings with our teacher each day, your child could make a sign of appreciation and hold it up during distance learning meetings.

Virtual Teacher Appreciation Membership Toolkit

There are so many great apps that can help you assemble a photo collage to post on social media. Assign each student in the class a word to draw creatively on a sign and then have them send you a picture holding that sign. These photos make a great keepsake for the teacher as well. Consider printing your finished project out and mailing it to your teacher. You can download an app like PhotoGrid to make a collage easily. Don’t forget to ask for permission from parents to use their child’s image.


Organize a Car Parade

We’ve seen all sorts of footage of car parades for special birthdays or to say hi to teachers. Take charge and organize a drive thru for teachers. Teachers need only to take a drive through the school neighborhood at a designated time. Students can come out on their porches and display posters, make noise, and say hi. Encourage teachers to decorate their cars too, but remember this is in appreciation for their work so they can just drive through as well.


Organize a Special Treat

Chances are, your parent organization set aside money at the beginning of the year for teacher appreciation. Room parents most likely did this, too. Use that money to set up a treat for Teacher Appreciation Day (May 5, 2020). Contact local businesses to provide a virtual lunch or a special treat:

  • Send teachers a coupon to redeem for takeout at a restaurant, then your Parent Organization can pay the restaurant for those meals redeemed.
  • Find a local chocolate or specialty shop that would deliver a treat to teachers’ houses.
  • Partner with a coffee shop drive-thru so staff can show their ID to get a drink or treat and your Parent Organization can cover the cost.

This idea shows appreciation for your teachers and also supports local businesses which are struggling right now. Win-win!

Send a Gift

There are tons of great gift boxes to send your teacher. Etsy has lots of options for creative self-care boxes and Amazon has a teacher-specific box with quick delivery.

There are also a bunch of quarantine-themed gifts that could give your teacher a chuckle. And buying something from Etsy helps support small businesses. Another WIN!

Go With the Gift Card

You can always go the way of the gift card–teachers always appreciate a card to their favorite stores. If you or your Room Parent collected a list of “Favorite Things”  at the beginning of the year, you’ll already know your teacher’s faves. You could also make your gift cards Quarantine Themed. Here are some favorites of ours:

  • Food Delivery cards like GrubHub, DoorDash, or UberEats
  • Streaming cards like Netflix and Hulu
  • Tech cards like Staples, BestBuy, or Target

We have partnered with GiftCrowd to offer a simple and no-personal-contact way for parents to donate towards a group gift for teachers for Teacher Appreciation or Year End Gifts. 

Check out their website.

However you choose to shower your teacher with gratitude, they will appreciate it especially during these strange times. Don’t forget to include your child’s favorite resource teacher like the librarian or P. E. Teacher. 

Do you have a great idea for celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week from a distance? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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